Yasmina Moya
Barcelona, 1988

2006  Undergraduate in Arts, Escola Massana
2011  BA in Fine Arts, Universitat de Barcelona

2013  Photography and Cinema, GrisArt
2013  Photography as Vector of Experience,
         Escola Massana

2014  Master's Degree in Comparative Studies
         in Literature, Art and Thought,
         Universitat Pompeu Fabra

— Self-taught in image/video edition
— +10 years of experience as photographer

I am attracted to opposite poles; body and memory, absence and human relations are not only the spinal column of my work but the curiosities that define me as a person, which I unfold as images in a constellation of infinite meanings. From a conceptual approach, but at the same time necessarily aesthetic with metaphoric images and projects with an important poetic load, I elaborate through photography and interdisciplinarity visual discourses which are the mirror of everything that surrounds me.

I like involving the observer in the experience in an active way, sometimes making the work not completed with his or her presence but through intervention, eliminating the barrier between artist, spectator and artistic work, uniting the three elements in the same sphere. Time and people are always present in the images in which reality and fiction collide, providing a new meaning which I am constantly seeking.
2011  “Nos Movíamos en Silencio”, Can Gelabert (Palma de Mallorca)
2011  “Nos Movíamos en Silencio”, Eix del Raval (Barcelona)

2010  “Fotofesta – Mostra d'escoles”, Espai Català Roca (Barcelona)
2011  “2006-2011”, Can Gelabert (Palma de Mallorca)
2013  “Uno Scatto per la Felicità”, Reggio Calabria (Italia)
2013  “Massana: Espai Permanent”, Escola Massana (Barcelona)
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